Britain – not to be trusted!

In the early 90-ies I spent two weeks in the Norwegian Study Centre in York. We went to Bradford, and could see a cream-coloured town, after the washing of the coal-black exterior walls. “Where did you get the money from?” I asked. “From the EU,” was the answer.

We went to the Beamish Museum, to where they had moved a whole pitman’s village, Methodist Church and everything – brick by brick, and also the station village. Again I asked: “Where did you get the money from?” “From the EU,” was again the answer. Britain had – before the money-hose of EU filled up the sinking ship of Britain, been in the process of financial shipwrecking. I said to myself: “When Britain think they have got enough money from the EU for a fresh start, they will cut loose and sail away with what they have gained.” And so they do now.

Last September as I stepped off Lord Nelson’s battleship “Victory”, I said to the man in uniform on the gangway: “In Normandy they are very careful to tell you that their ships and boats are descending from the Viking ship. Would you say “Victory” also is descending from the Viking ship?” “Of course!” he replied. Further up the road, in the bus, it suddenly dawned on me that the Viking culture and the Viking mentality actually never came to an end – it continued in Britain and The British Commonwealth: What the French discovered and colonized in North America, was grabbed by Britain. What the Dutch discovered and took in possession in South Africa, was grabbed by Britain. And so on and so forth.

Because of The Commonwealth, Britain has never been designed for a membership of the EU. It never should have joined the EU. The members on the continent should never have let Britain into their European peace project, because Britain was – and is, never to be trusted.

Last spring I passed by London on my flight to Gran Canaria. Even though I was in transit, I had to stand in three ques. The whole situation in the airport was close to a breakdown. I was very surprised to experience such a lack of efficiency, such a chaos, and so many worn out workers. When I witnessed Mr. Farage’s talk in the EU parliament, I was awed by his insulting style, his stupid pride, his absolute incredible behaviour. The British “pride” which is now promenaded by British politicians, in a kind of humour of the gallows, is both sad and ridiculous. This “pride” is rather the British hybris before the end of their downfall.

I hope Scotland will have a narrow escape and brake loose from UK. I hope Ulster will join Eire after 8-900 years of British harassment, and I hope Wales will follow suite.

I suppose Britain will have to pay back a lot of money to the EU. EU will stop using English as the lingua franca of the EU, and England will be stripped of its former glory.

The Norwegian writer, Asmund Olavson Vinje, once wrote: “England will have to be brought down on their knees.” In a very short time now, England will be on their knees. And this they have themselves brought upon their country in sheer stupidity and hybris. The grabbers will finally be fried in their own fat, and the Viking Age will come to an end.

Glærum, the 14th of July – 2016

Dordi Skuggevik


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