Letter to the editor of Sunday Times: Britain backwards into the future

We, who have learned parlamentarism and democracy from Britain, we do not understand today how there can be a majority in the British Paliament for remaining in the EU, and then let a referendum with a very small majority overrule the Parliament’s majority, and make Britain go backwards into the future. There is so much at stake for Britain, that we on the sideline, in Norway and other countries, we now expect to witness a thundering debate in the Bristish Parliament. And – as we say in Norway, in one of our saftety rules for hiking in the moutains in winter times: There is nothing shameful about turning around and return to base.

This morning, after the shocking news yesterday, I keep asking myself what the Queen must have said to herself, as David Cameron left after their morning meeting. She must either have said to herself: – What a cunning plan that man has carried out! Or: – What a bloody fool!

Watching BBC News from Norway, yesterday morning, I saw the director of The Bank of England come out to eye the British people, saying the bank was prepared. – They had enough money ready for this take-off, he assured the British people. But his eyes were dark. Then I understood how grave this situation is, for England.

This situation is created by elderly people in England, who have not yet been able to end WWI and WWII, and who still think England is «ruling the waves». In short: people who have not yet been able to turn around and eye the present and the future. The British youth is caught in the grip of old, reactionary, backwards, anxious and nervous people, who are not able to pick up the needed information, and who do not understand that life goes forward. I feel sorry for the youth of England, becoming victims of the old guys in the pubs, promenading a long time fading and displaced pride. This hybris may cost England a lot, and bring England on its knees.

The Queen of England has the longest memory of all in the political system of Britain, and I am rather sure about what she said to herself as Cameron left her yesterday morning: – You bloody fool! Sort out your mess before it is to late. Bring this up in Parliament! There is no shame about returning to base!

Norway, the 25th of June – 2016

Mrs. Dordi Skuggevik


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