President of the United States: Mr.Rump won

The Puzzy-grabber, the Demagogue, the Brainwasher, Mr. Rump, won. The non-educated, the non-enlightened, the-easy-to-brainwash – voted for this Treath to the world. The Freemacons of America won. They would never tolerate a woman in The Oval Office, because The Freemaconery would not have access to The Oval Office with a woman at the desk. And what about the Mafia? Did the Mafia win too? Yes, because you can not work in constructions in New York without dealing with the Mafia.

Democracy has turned into Emocracy, i.e. emotions overrules education, knowledge, experience and insight. The same happened in England at the Brexit referendum.

Mr. Rump is supposedly scared to death by his own victory, because he himself knows best how incompetent he is for undertaking the responsibility of being the President of the United States, and the plastic model woman at his side will be a constant insult to the American woman.

We are not amused.

Norway, the 9th of November 2016

Mrs.Dordi Skuggevik


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Lektor, cand.philol, forfatter og samfunnsdebattant.

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